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Concerns Raised By Beat About Alli

Written by Jane Tucker| Wednesday, 22 April 2009| There are 0 comments

so that they are able to measure and weigh potential customers at the pharmacy

The eating disorder charity Beat is concerned that a new weight loss medication which will soon be on sale over the counter in British pharmacies could be abused by people who don't know how it works and by those who don't need to lose weight. The weight loss medication which is called Alli is in fact nothing new but is just a half dose type of the prescription weight loss medication Xenical. The difference however is that it is possible to buy Alli over the counter provided that the pharmacist is satisfied you are overweight.

concerns raised by beat about alli

In fact pharmacists have been told that they must not hand over the medication until they have measured and weighed potential customers to check that their BMI is over 28.
GlaxoSmithKline who have been given the licence to market and sell this weight loss drug in the United Kingdom have in fact actually organized for thousands of pharmacist around the country to go on special training courses so that they are able to measure and weigh potential customers at the pharmacy.

The charity Beat said that it was important that pharmacists were vigilant to make sure that people who were also buying the Alli drug were not also buying dangerous weight loss products like diuretics or laxatives.

There has been a lot of concern that making the active ingredient of the Xenical weight loss drug orlistat available too easily to the general public could mean that it would be abused. Ukmedix News has seen research that shows that people who are successful when using Xenical are those who get good weight loss advice along with the medicine and the best way to get that advice is from a doctor.

UK doctors have warned that Alli must not be seen as a quick fix for weight loss and they have also expressed concern about its easy availability.

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