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Attitudes To Obese People

Written by Stuart Stevens | Thursday, 02 August 2007| There are 0 comments

you need lots of psychological willpower to lose weight

A new study undertaken in the United Kingdom has noted that almost ten percent of nurses perceive obese men and women as being lazier than normal weight people. Just under half of all the nurses also reckoned that obese people did not show enough desire and determination to change their eating habits and exercise. In all just under 400 nurses were interviewed of whom 29 percent were overweight and fourteen percent were obese.

attitudes to obese people

The survey also noted that almost 90 percent of nurses reckon that the dangerous health risks of obesity were not being exaggerated and that five percent of them thought that for they were being overstated. Almost 60 percent of the nurses also reckoned that being very overweight was the cause of most of the illnesses faced by the obese patients.

The survey makes interesting reading because it shows the attitudes that health professionals have towards people who have weight problems. Dealing with obese people requires a great sensitivity and tact as many of these very overweight people are extremely touchy about their weight. The way that you speak to an obese person about his or her weight is extremely likely to affect the outcome of the advice that you give them. Many obese people will react negatively and stubbornly to people who are insensitive and harsh with their feelings.

At Ukmedix News we have always maintained that you need lots of psychological willpower and the ability to be extremely truthful with yourself if you want to lose weight. While shedding fat is obviously a physical undertaking it is also a psychological one too. A sensitive nurse or doctor who understands the issues at stake can greatly motivate an obese person to lose weight. A doctor or nurse who is not understanding can push a person further into his or her obesity.

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