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Gallstones Can Be Caused By Fluctuating Weight

Written by Stuart Stevens | Friday, 08 December 2006| There are 0 comments

A new research project has shown that men whose weight constantly fluctuates in a pattern known as yo-yo dieting put themselves at a higher risk of getting gallstones later on in life. The researchers from the University of Kentucky in America noted that these large fluctuations of body mass which occur after weight loss tend to be very high in fat content and can cause metabolic problems and abnormalities that include insulin resistance which in turn can cause formation of gallstones.

The research that was written up in the Archives of Internal Medicine looked at the records of over 24,000 male health professionals who gave information about their body weight fluctuations over a period of four years between 1988 and 1992 and who were also questioned about their eating habits and health at regular intervals over a 10 year period.

The statistics showed that those males who shed between five and nine pounds in mass and then put it on again had on over 20% increased likelihood of getting gallstones when compared to men who maintained a constant and steady weight.

For those men who shed and then put back on between ten and nineteen pounds the chances of getting gallstones was almost 40% greater and those who had a yo-yo weight pattern of 20 pounds or more had a more than 75% chance of getting gallstones.

The researchers also made record of the fact that the more times a man's weight fluctuated the bigger chance it was that he would get gallstones. Other observations were that there were particular hormones found in the blood that were more plentiful in people who yo-yo dieted when compared to those men who kept a constant weight and it was thought that these hormones may be partly responsible for the extra gallstone risk. Obesity alone in also known to boost the chances of getting gallstone and they can cause great pain if they get trapped in the exit duct of the gallbladder.

Ukmedix advises that as well as the gallstone risk that you do not yo-yo diet, as it is generally unhealthy as well as a strain on your heart.

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