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Asia Far Worse For Obesity Discrimination

Written by Stuart Stevens | Thursday, 28 June 2007| There are 0 comments

Overweight people especially women are unemployable in many industries in Asia..

Yesterday we reported on the problem of discrimination at the workplace in the United Kingdom suffered by people who are overweight. Today following up on that article we realised that the problem in the United Kingdom is far less severe than it is in other parts the world. In Asian countries like China, Taiwan and Japan where obesity is far less prevalent overweight people especially women are practically unemployable in many industries.

asia far worse for obesity discrimination

For example in Taiwan a bank manager was quoted as saying that he believed that maintaining a slim appearance was essential to be able to do the job professionally and that he would be extremely hesitant employing anyone who was overweight. The problem has been brought to the forefront of the national consciousness after a 29 year old woman committed suicide after being unable to find work for over three years due to her weight problem. Ms Hsu Hang-yi was not especially overweight but her mother said that she had been consistently turned down by potential employers because she did not fit the required appearance.

In countries like America and increasingly so in the United Kingdom being overweight does not carry the social and professional stigma that it does in other areas of the world where there are not so many obese people. But if American companies decided to be very strict about only employing slim people they would have great problems when one considers that over 60 percent of the adult population is either overweight or obese. However in Asian countries where the problem is not so severe overweight people stand out of the crowd far more and thus employers can afford to be more choosy and picky when selecting candidates for a job.

While the physical complications of obesity related disease and illness are known to most people you should also be aware that being obese can also have a very detrimental psychological effect on these overweight individuals. If you are considering losing weight remember that you will not just benefit from a physical point of view but you will also feel psychologically more confident and better about yourself. You should always be extremely careful when discussing weight problems with people as they can be extremely sensitive about it.

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