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The Fat Man Arrives In New York

Written by Stuart Stevens | Tuesday, 09 May 2006| There are 0 comments

The Ukmedix team has been following the progress of the The Fat Man Walking Across America and can confirm that he has arrived in New York in blaze of publicity. He has walked across 12 states and can lay claim to be the fattest man ever to walk right across America.

Overall, Steve has lost 115 pounds of weight and now weighs 305 pounds, much less than the original 420 pounds that he weighed when he started his trek over a year ago. The Fat Man hasn't exactly developed a lean body over the last year but he says that he is a changed man and that the journey has been one of self discovery and has given him time to think about his life and he feels that he has inspired other people to take up walking and to lose weight.

Over his 13 month trek he only stopped once for 3 weeks to rest and to make use of some dietary advice from friends he met on the way. On average he walked about between 8 and 12 hours daily sometimes sleeping in motels or sometimes in the tent that he carried with him. He carried only about 50 pounds in weight in his backpack and tried to keep things to a minimum.

Despite having no publicity machine, Steve Vaught is now a famous man all over America and the world. He has loyal fans who monitor his progess online and who send his messages of support all the time. His fame has even led to offers of money from a dating service and from a diet pills and vitamin supplement manufacturer. He has turned them down but he has signed a book deal and will be telling his story on national TV too.

He was against promoting diet supplements for the simple reason that he want everyone to know that there is no quick fix for weight loss and that there must be a struggle to achieve it. He likens his walk to the struggle of life and the struggle to achive weight loss. He has no real cause or mission but is very happy to have completed the epic walk and hopes that he will have inspired many people including his kids to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Steve Vaught is still overweight (but no longer obese) and his weight loss battle needs to continue, whether he will continiue to shed the pounds at the end of his walk remains to be seen.

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