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Testosterone Boost May Help Men To Lose Weight

Written by Jamie Stowe| Friday, 12 December 2008| There are 0 comments

When men age their levels of testosterone drop slightly

A new study is to be conducted in Australia to evaluate whether by giving men an extra dose of testosterone it would be possible to help them lose weight. Dr. Peter Liu who is leading the study said that other researchers had shown that there appeared to be a link between obesity in men and reduced levels of testosterone in the bloodstream. He also said that these two conditions were often accompanied by sleeping problems. He explained that if you have one of these three conditions you are likely to have one or two of the other ones.

testosterone boost may help men to lose weight

The research that will be conducted at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research will try to determine whether a vicious cycle is being produced where being overweight leads to men suffering from sleep apnea which then follows on to cause low levels of testosterone. High levels of testosterone have shown to be linked to increased muscle mass, bone density and sperm production as well as lower levels of fat in the body. Testosterone replacement therapy is already used by men who suffer from low levels of sexual desire and some men say that it also boosts their erectile function.

When men age their levels of testosterone drop slightly over many years and this is sometimes called Andropause, or the male Menopause. It is important than men exercise regularly to keep their bodies in shape when they get older especially as exercise produces testosterone as well as burning of fat. Ukmedix News will be reporting on the outcome of this exciting new research and will let their readers know the outcome of any research which could lead to testosterone replacement therapies for men who want to look slimmer and sleep better.

At present testosterone replacement therapy by means of a treatment called Intrinsa is used for women who suffer from reduced levels of sexual desire often following their menopause.

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