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OFT Launches Its Own Weight Loss Scams

Written by Jane Tucker| Friday, 20 February 2009| There are 2 comments

supposedly suck out extra fat and cellulite when you are asleep

The Office of Fair Trading in the United Kingdom has come up with a brilliant idea to warn consumers of the dangers of buying 'miracle' weight loss medication online. They decided as part of their Scams Awareness Month to actually set up two bogus web sites which mimicked other websites which weight loss scam organisations had set up.

oft launches its own weight loss scams

The two web sites which can be seen at: http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/fatfoe and http://www.consumerdirect.gov.uk/glucobate advertise firstly a product called 'Fatfoe' pads which supposedly suck out extra fat and cellulite when you are asleep. The website says that you are still able to enjoy your favourite foods while losing as much as 20lb. of weight every week.

The other website which promotes a product called 'Glucobate' is supposed to be a diabetic medication that is completely natural and a major scientific breakthrough. If you try and order the products you are immediately taken through to another website which explains that the products are fake and that you have been the victim of a scam.

It is hoped that by heavily promoting these two scam sites people looking for an easy way of losing weight will come across them and thus be made more aware of the dangers of buying untested weight loss medication online.

The Office of Fair Trading has been marketing these web sites by using sponsored links on search engines, banner advertising and has employed a team of search engine optimisers to push the sites high up on internet rankings. The Office of Fair Trading estimate that the business of weight loss scams in the United Kingdom is worth about £20 million yearly.

If you buy anything for weight loss other than the prescription weight loss medications Reductil and Xenical online you are putting your health at risk. You should never buy a prescription weight loss medication unless it involves a consultation with a doctor online or otherwise, and to be sure you should always check that your medication comes from a UK licensed pharmacy. This can be done at the Ukmedix website using the Pharmacheck system.

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There are 2 comments on this article.

On February 20, 2009 @ 18:13
Janna said:
this should be interesting! I hope we will be able to check every product like this
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On February 20, 2009 @ 20:48
Vic said:
Fatfoe... Awesome name but my favourite is Tummyterminator...
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