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Lorcaserin From Arena Gets FDA OK

Written by Jamie Stowe| Monday, 14 May 2012| There is 1 comment

given hope to millions of overweight and obese people

The FDAís recent recommendation that the new weight loss drug made by Arena should be approved has caused its share price to shoot up and has given hope to millions of overweight and obese people.

lorcaserin from arena gets fda ok

The Food and Drug Administration recommendation comes after years of research and testing the Lorcaserin drug on both animals and humans in order to evaluate it both for safety and effectiveness.

Lorcaserin was previously given the thumbs down from the FDA in 2010 after it was felt that there was a possibility that the drug could increase the risk of brain tumours in animals. It was also stated that the FDA were concerned about a link to heart valve damage but it should be borne in mind that obesity is also a major cause of heart disease.

Lorcaserinís new approval from the FDA comes after more clinical data was submitted to the evaluation panel and it was deemed that the benefits of the drug outweighed its side effects. Mr Jack Lief, Arenaís CEO issued a statement saying that they would continue to work with the FDA for full regulatory approval.

Like all weight loss drugs, Lorcaserin is not a magic bullet cure for obesity and will require you to also diet and exercise. What it may do is make the weight loss process easier and faster. Another new weight loss medication that recently got a positive nod from the FDA is Qnexa made by Vivus but like Lorcaserin it still requires final approval.

If you are thinking of trying weight loss medications the only approved one at present in the UK is Xenical. Xenical is safe and effective when taken properly and can produce dramatic results. Xenical is a prescription drug which requires a consultation with a doctor. This can be done online at Ukmedix.

Healthy eating and mild exercise are always part of the package of losing weight.

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There is 1 comment on this article.

On May 15, 2012 @ 08:50
Judy said:
I have used Xenical in the past and had good results, however I am very interested in this new one, please let us know when it will be available in England and on Ukmedix, thanks!
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