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Lincoln University Taking Flak For Obesity Policy

Written by Jane Tucker| Wednesday, 02 December 2009| There are 4 comments

Should universities be allowed to require that students attend these courses?

Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, USA has taken a proactive step to beat the obesity epidemic which is breaking out in universities all over the country. Their initiative requires that all overweight undergraduates have to take part in a compulsory fitness course in order to be allowed to receive their degrees.

lincoln university taking flak for obesity policy

Lincoln University has above average statistics for obesity and diabetes overall and this is especially prevalent in the African American students. Mr. James DeBoy who heads the Lincoln Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation said that he felt "an obligation" to deal with this problem and was aware that there was going to be some criticism of the compulsory fitness course policy.

Many obese students said that the authorities had no right to deny them their university degrees and preach to them about their weight. They said it was unfair to only make the obese students take the fitness course and that all students should be treated the same irrespective of their weight. The initiative does not mean that university students who are obese will not get their degrees but it will just make it compulsory for them to turn up at the fitness classes which are designed to teach them about nutrition as well as undergoing physical activities such as running and weight training. Other classes would also be organised so that obese individuals understood the connection between obesity, stress levels and sleep.

Should universities be allowed to require that students attend these courses? Should maybe companies also be allowed to insist that their employees get medical help and nutritional advice for weight loss?

At Ukmedix News we have seen a huge amount of research which shows that obese people are discriminated against every single day and that making them attend these courses would only add to their perception that they are being discriminated against yet again, despite the fact that these courses were set up with the best of intentions.

The jury is out, what's your opinion? Tell us below....

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There are 4 comments on this article.

On December 03, 2009 @ 07:23
Bill Fabrey said:
There is no question that the new program at Lincoln is blatant discrimination against the largest students. Nobody can be against promoting health and exercise, but to make it a requirement for just a few students is a violation of their rights, I believe.

--Bill Fabrey
Council on Size & Weight Discrimination
Mt Marion, NY, USA
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On December 03, 2009 @ 07:43
T. Williams said:
I guarantee this policy will not result in weight loss by college students or employees. It just adds more horror to the state of terrorism that people of size are living in right now. All students should have the same requirements to graduate. Not all thin people are healthy or will be healthy in 20 years, even if they remain thin. Furthermore, why isn't the same college concerned about the above average rate of smoking in the African American community? Do they also require that students who smoke complete a smoking cessation course successfully before they can have their diploma? There is no debate about the dangers of smoking to the smoker or the person who must breathe other people's smoke. Why are people of size the target of this school's attack? Its a disgrace!
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On December 03, 2009 @ 08:19
G Hunt said:
Obesity kills! The university is only trying to improve your quality of life and all you do is complain about your rights. Yeah, well think about your rights when you are having a heart attack or dying from cancer... The university should be thanked...
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On December 03, 2009 @ 17:04
KarenS said:
@ G Hunt

People have the 'right' to choose whether they want to receive help for their 'overweight' concern or not!
No one should mandate 'obesity' treatment, and btw, obesity doesn't kill, only at the extremes, new studies suggest that being 'overweight' has protective health benefits.
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