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Healthy Food Keeps Depression At Bay

Written by Jane Tucker| Friday, 13 November 2009| There is 1 comment

those eating natural and healthy food were the happiest

A healthy diet has been directly linked to good psychological health in a new study involving almost 3,500 UK civil servants. The study shows that people who turn to 'comfort foods' to alleviate depression could actually be compounding the problem.

healthy food keeps depression at bay

The researchers said that they saw a link between those individuals who consumed a lot of processed food and those who were most likely to suffer from depression and that those eating natural and healthy food were the ones who were happiest. Dr Tasnime Akbaraly from the University College London explained that by eating a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables and fish you could protect yourself against depression whereas going for fried food and other high-fat items may provide short term relief but in the long term could increase "vulnerability" to depression.

This study should also be seen in the view of other research which shows that people who eat unhealthy food are more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia as they grow older. In fact research has shown that individuals who follow the Mediterranean eating patterns are the most likely to get to old age with good mental health. The effect of the healthy diet on your brain should never be underestimated and one research project which we have written about at Ukmedix News even shows that people who overeat have smaller brains than those who consume a normal amount of food.

Instead of merely looking at how unhealthy eating affects the body, over the last few years more and more scientists have been shifting the focus onto how it affects the brain. This research is important because nutritionists and diet experts are becoming more conscious of obesity being a psychological problem and possibly the answers and remedies lie in understanding how the brain reacts to food more so than the body.

This new research entitled 'Dietary pattern and depressive symptoms in middle age' was made public by the British Journal of Psychiatry.

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There is 1 comment on this article.

On November 13, 2009 @ 18:50
Trevor Z said:
Unfortunately slimming fad diets affect the brain badly! We should all be aware of this.
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