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Ginger Tea Research Shows It Is A Good Appetite Suppresant

Written by Jane Tucker| Friday, 29 June 2012| There are 2 comments

significantly reduced consumption of food throughout the day

At Ukmedix News we have always advocated that the simplest weight loss tips are the best and here’s another one which has recently been backed up by a clinical trial! Eating Ginger has been shown to work as an appetite suppressant with absolutely no side effects. It was also speculated that a Ginger drink increased the calories burned by 43 calories daily.

ginger tea research shows it is a good appetite suppresant

The clinical trial which was undertaken by a team of scientists working at the New York Obesity Research Center and Columbia University was done by giving a ginger drink to a group of overweight men with their breakfast. It was noted that those men who had took the Ginger drink had a significantly reduced consumption of food throughout the day and reported less hunger pangs.

The study which was published by the clinical journal Metabolism shows that the simple and natural ginger tea may be the answer to helping millions of people who have weight problems. The Ginger drink was made by adding 1tsp. of Ginger powder to hot water. Absolutely no side effects were recorded and no changes to insulin, blood glucose levels, triglycerides or any other metabolic markers. It seems that drinking Ginger tea has a similar affect as Green tea.

Anyone hoping to lose weight should not place all of their trust in Ginger tea as a weight loss method but should really consider it as a potential helping hand in dealing with hunger pangs throughout the day. Ginger tea will not work for everyone but could be extremely effective for certain individuals. There’s absolutely no harm in giving it a try. If it works why not tell us about it on the Ukmedix Forum.

More research needs to be done into Ginger tea and its weight loss properties and at Ukmedix News we feel that It is a shame that with all these millions of pounds being spent on weight loss research worldwide a few million cannot be directed into proper independent clinical trials to determine the benefits of natural appetite suppressants.

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There are 2 comments on this article.

On June 30, 2012 @ 08:16
Sandra said:
Interestingly enough, I came to this conclusion naturally, I love ginger tea and I feel tha when I drink it I am not hungry and get a feeling of welbeing.
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On July 04, 2012 @ 14:49
Conrad said:
Sandra I agree with you, I feel the same, my aunt told me to try it, I laughed at her and said yes never intending to drink it!!.... Somehow I tried it and you know the rest! Good stuff!
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