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Eating Vegetables Could Help You To Attract The Opposite Sex

Written by Jane Tucker| Thursday, 13 January 2011| There is 1 comment

the yellower faces were the most attractive

When you embark on a healthy eating drive do not just think about the weight loss benefits but also remember that healthy food will make you look more attractive. Research shows that eating fruit and vegetables which are full of antioxidants slows down the aging process and improves the texture and tone of the skin.

eating vegetables could help you to attract the opposite sex

The study which was done by three UK universities namely the University of St Andrews, Bristol University and the University of Nottingham shows that the yellowy tan which you can get by eating certain vegetables like spinach, persimmons, beet greens and carrots which are rich in the antioxidant compounds called carotenoids can make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

The research was done by showing photographs of faces to a group of about 30 students and asking them adjust the skin tone of the faces to make them optimally attractive. The students were able to make the faces yellower, browner like a suntan and paler and the results clearly showed that they found the yellower faces were the most attractive and healthy.

The researchers also collected data which shows that those students who ate vegetables and fruit had yellower skin complexions than those students who didn't.

Professor Ian Stephen from the University of Nottingham said that this research was interesting because the majority of people were of the impression that getting a suntan was the best way to improve the skin tone to boost attractiveness but this new research showed that by changing your diet to add fruit and vegetables you could get better results.

The research which is being published by the clinical journal Evolution and Human Behavior also expounds on the theory that people are attracted to people with good skin as nature's way of telling them that they are healthy.

Professor David Perrett from the University of St. Andrews said that in the same way that some birds had bright coloured feathers and beaks to attract mates, the human species was also attracted to certain colours and textures.

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There is 1 comment on this article.

On January 14, 2011 @ 08:49
Ruby said:
I look after my skin because I know it looks good,but I do eat lots of vegetables especially carrots! However I believe that protein is important too.
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