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Doctor Refuses To Treat Patients Over 200Lbs

Written by Rupert Kircz| Thursday, 30 August 2012| There are 0 comments

go away and come back when they weigh less than 200lb

A doctor in Massachusetts has unleashed a storm of controversy after saying that she would not treat patients who weighed more than 200lb. Arguing that overweight men and women were a danger to her staff and colleagues, Dr Carter politely tells overweight patients to go away and come back when they weigh less than 200lb.

doctor refuses to treat patients over 200lbs

One particular patient Ms. Ida Davidson said that she was shocked and hurt when she was told that her weight problem meant she couldn’t be treated. She felt that the doctor was using her weight problem as an excuse not to treat her and that the real reason was that she couldn’t be bothered and she didn’t care about her patients.

Not many people know that it is in fact completely legal and ethical for a doctor to refuse to treat a patient and Doctor Carter claims that the reason she turns away overweight people is because she is looking after their interests. She argues that telling an obese person that they are too heavy to treat actually could motivate them to lose weight and also she said that her clinic was not specialized in dealing with obesity and therefore she recommended they went to a specialized obesity clinic.

With 2/3 of all American people now being overweight the medical industry is being swamped with obesity related illnesses and more and more doctors are saying that it is no good treating many of the problems that obese people have if they are not prepared to lose weight first.

For example if an overweight patient comes in complaining about leg pain, rather than give them a pain killer, which is really the only thing you can do, they should be told in no uncertain terms that the cause of their leg pain is their weight. However, sometimes talking to overweight people about their weight is a very sensitive issue and therefore communication problems can occur.

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