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Tummy Tuck Information You Should Know

Written by Jane Tucker| Tuesday, 26 April 2011| There is 1 comment

Tummy tucks are extremely painful!

Just popping in for a quick tummy tuck! Routine surgery, completely normal and you'll be back home within days! It all sounds so simple and easy doesn't it?/p>

tummy tuck information you should knowThere are few things which you should know about tummy tucks before you go running off with a credit card to book yourself into a plastic surgery clinic.

Tummy tucks are a major procedure which require large amount of your stomach to be cut away. You will have to be under a general anesthetic which always comes with a certain amount of risk in itself.

You should be aware that you wont lose a significant amount of weight from having a tummy tuck and it should only be utilized after you have lost as much weight as you possibly can using diet and exercise. A tummy tuck should just tighten up loose skin rather than be a weight loss tool.

The sort of people who benefit most from tummy tucks are those who have lost a large quantity of weight and those who need to tighten up their stomachs after pregnancy.

Tummy tucks are extremely painful! You will require a big amount of strong pain killers and the pain will last for several weeks. You should really stay in hospital for some days after the stomach surgery so that should there be any complications like post-operative infections you will be in the best place with doctors on call.

Not all plastic surgeons are experts at tummy tucks and the gulf in the quality of the surgery is considerable. If you go to a cheap and inexperienced plastic surgeon you could end up with an ugly looking stomach which may not be correctable at a later date. Unhealthy people such as those individuals who smoke will find that the recovery period takes much longer.

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