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Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Rumours Tweeted

Written by Jane Tucker| Friday, 18 June 2010| There are 0 comments

True- went to the doctor yesterday, False- plastic surgery

Media reports that Jessica Simpson went to consult with a plastic surgeon earlier this week seem to be a load of rubbish! Jessica, 29 was photographed walking into a Beverly Hills building which has a number of plastic surgeons as tenants. This was immediately picked up by celebrity watchers that she was definitely having a cosmetic surgery consultation and the fact that she stayed in there for six hours meant that she had seen all of them!/p>

jessica simpson plastic surgery rumours tweeted
A new method of denying press speculation which is being used by celebrities all over the world is Tweeting! Rather than issuing formal lengthy statements it is much easier for celebrities to just write a couple of sentences, and that's exactly what Jessica Simpson did. Her Tweet just said "True- went to the doctor yesterday, False- plastic surgery".

Actually Jessica Simpson has admitted that she has already had a little bit of cosmetic surgery. A few years ago she made use of injections to boost the size of her lips, but she was soon quoted as saying that that she didn't like them because they made her lips look fake, and that she was very glad that they soon when back to their normal size naturally a few months later.

It's a tough life being a famous person especially if you live in Beverly Hills which has more than its fair share of paparazzi and people hoping to spot somebody famous. Poor old Jessica can't even walk into a building without everybody's speculating why she's visiting it. Last year she endured massive media furore after she put on a few pounds in weight and was photographed in less than flattering jeans.

On the other hand Jessica is just going to have to learn that that this is the price she pays for fame and she better get used to it because it's not going to go away.

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