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Do's And Dont's Of Plastic Surgery

Written by Jane Tucker| Wednesday, 12 May 2010| There are 0 comments

Never make an emotional decision when it comes to plastic surgery

Here are a few do's and dont's of plastic surgery that should be carefully read before deciding to go ahead with any cosmetic procedures. Firstly always go to your regular doctor who will pass you on to consultants accredited by The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons as well as the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. A good consultant will not pressurise you into any decision and will be calm and logical about the benefits and the risks involved./p>

Make sure that you actually meet the surgeon who will be operating on you and take time to ask him questions. don't be embarrassed to ask him about his success rate and about how many similar procedures he has done. Someone with a good record will be happy to share this information and may even allow you to contact past patients. One very useful tip is to make sure that your plastic surgeon also practices on the National Health Service because there are more rules and regulations surrounding plastic surgery on the NHS than there are in private medical care.

Always get a number of different opinions from different doctors before agreeing to anything and make a record of exactly what each doctor says. A reputable breast augmentation plastic surgeon will take before and after photographs which you should keep copies of because they will become especially useful if there are any complications.

Remember that cheap plastic surgery usually involves cutting corners. Plastic surgery procedures are expensive because properly staffed clinics with the correct drugs and emergency equipment cost a lot of money. If the surgery is cheap the chances are that not everything is being done properly.

Never make an emotional decision when it comes to plastic surgery. You should discuss it with people who care about you and the decision to go ahead should be made in a calm and rational environment. Following these simple steps will significantly lower the chances of anything going wrong.

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