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Chinese Government Warns Of Plastic Surgery Overseas

Written by Rupert Kircz| Tuesday, 23 March 2010| There is 1 comment

Thousands of girls and boys undergo eyelid surgery all over Asia every year.

The Foreign Ministry of China has put out a warning intended for women who are thinking of having eyelid surgery abroad. They specifically warned that the South Korean cosmetic surgery industry might look like the perfect solution but warned that they had received many reports about operations going wrong. /p>

chinese government warns of plastic surgery overseas
The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that many Chinese people who went abroad did not get sufficient information regarding their operations which was accentuated by language problems. They said that they had come across many cases where surgery had gone wrong and left patients very unhappy with their appearance which in some cases was not able to be corrected.

According to Ma Jiguang an Orthopedic Surgeon from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, plastic surgery done in China was as much as three times cheaper and patients had the added benefit of understanding all of the contract, the risks and the expenses incurred. He said that South Korean companies were making use of glossy advertisements which failed to give the whole picture. Eyelid surgery is particularly popular in China in order to give a more western appearance. Thousands of girls and boys undergo eyelid surgery all over Asia every year.

However one thing which the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences did not explain is why eyelid surgery and other cosmetic surgery procedures were so popular abroad and were not being done in China. It may be that the perception is that plastic surgery done abroad is of a better quality. It may also be that people sometimes prefer to have plastic surgery done discreetly where nobody knows them.

There are always risks involved with plastic surgery and you should consider that if something was to go wrong the worst place to be is away from home. In your home country it is possible to check up on surgeons, meet past patients and get a good idea of the experience and competence of individual cosmetic surgery clinics. In a foreign country this is always more difficult.

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There is 1 comment on this article.

March 25, 2010 @ 21:09
Interested said:
will we all look like the Chinese if we have plastic surgery in China? I heard it is very good but I wondered if this is what you think?
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