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Almost 40 Percent Of Plastic Surgery Patients Not Happy With Outcome

Written by Jane Tucker| Wednesday, 15 September 2010| There are 0 comments

only 37 percent said that they were completely happy with the outcome

One thing that amazes us at Ukmedix News is the huge number of people who regret having plastic surgery and those who say that they are disappointed with the results. The plastic surgery industry makes it sound so glamorous, wonderful and painless but the reality is that many people who undergo costly operations are led to believe that the results will be much better than they really are./p>

almost 40 percent of plastic surgery patients not happy with outcome
For example a recent survey done by Cosmetic Surgery Bible has come up with the results that almost 40 percent of plastic surgery patients said that they were dissatisfied and over ? had mixed emotions about the results. Only 37 percent of those interviewed said that they were completely happy with the outcome.

Many plastic surgeons are salesman who obviously are keen to present the results in a much better light than they really will be. They cover their clinics in pictures of beautiful people and promise you that they will make you look a hundred times better. You should always remember that the results, like with any surgery are not guaranteed and that there is a big element of surgical skill involved which can greatly affect the outcome. Even with the best plastic surgeons sometimes things don't go as planned and you may end up looking different from the way you expected to look.

The best way to make sure that you don't go through a plastic surgery nightmare is to do your research about individual surgeons, meet previous patients of that same surgeon and ask them about whether their expectations matched the results.

Probably the best bit of advice we could give you at Ukmedix News is to make sure that you never make an emotional decision when it comes to plastic surgery and that you make a cool and rational decision after having considered all of the options and variables.

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