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Why Using 3D Imaging Is So Important

Written by Jane Tucker| Thursday, 31 May 2012| There are 0 comments

exactly how they look before the surgery and after the surgery from every angle

The benefits of using 3D Digital imaging for breast augmentation consultations cannot be underestimated especially for those women who are concerned about the results and who are unsure about whether to go ahead. Research shows that those women who opt for 3D digital imaging before undergoing breast augmentation surgery are much more likely to be satisfied with the results of the operation than those women who do not./p>

why using 3d imaging is so important
A good 3D imaging software should allow patients to see exactly how they look before the surgery and after the surgery from every angle. You should even be able to see your existing breasts better than you have ever seen them before and also experiment with different size breast implants so that you come up with some that are perfect for your body size and shape.

Many plastic surgeons say that another huge benefit of 3D imaging is that more often than not women change their existing preconceptions about what breast size is good for them after seeing exactly how would look and this means that the likelihood of having to have corrective surgery to satisfy an unhappy patient is significantly reduced.

In fact, at Ukmedix News we would go as far as to say that having breast augmentation surgery without previewing the results on a 3D imaging program would be asking for trouble. You should also consult with close friends and family and maybe ask them to come along for the consultation.

Another advantage of the 3D imaging is that the surgeon can safeguard himself from the patient misunderstanding exactly how they will look after the surgery. If it is there in a clear computer image, and the results clearly match, the patient cannot claim that they are dissatisfied.

3D Imaging can and should be used for all types of cosmetic surgery and any surgeon who does not offer the service should be avoided.

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