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ASA Bans Cosmetic Surgery Adverts

Written by Rupert Kircz| Friday, 09 December 2011| There is 1 comment

they felt it was trivialising breast augmentation surgery

The Advertising Standards Authority in the United Kingdom has stepped in and ordered that a poster campaign promoting cosmetic surgery should be immediately withdrawn. The advert which featured a woman with large breasts wearing a small top was designed to look similar to the cover of Cosmo magazine./p>

asa bans cosmetic surgery adverts
The ASA said that they felt it was trivialising breast augmentation surgery and making out that it was not a serious medical procedure. They said that they were of the opinion that young girls who saw this advertisement could believe that having your breasts made larger was a simple risk-free decision.

The advertisements which were run by Spire Healthcare had the words -same day surgery- and -get more, pay less- all over them and appeared on bus shelters at many different locations. The ASA said that they had received lots of complaints and Spire Healthcare was not promoting cosmetic surgery in a responsible way. Spire Healthcare responded to the ASA complaints by saying that the advertisement was only a test and was not part of its overall brand guidelines.

Cosmetic surgery clinics do their utmost to try and make out that plastic surgery such as breast augmentation is a simple straightforward operation and often promote the procedures as being glamorous and sexy without properly warning of the considerable dangers to health and even life. A general anesthetic always comes with an element of risk even if the surgery is completely simple and straightforward. There is also the risk of life-threatening infection and even medical complications or death from bleeding.

Making the decision to have plastic surgery should be a long drawn out one with lots of checks made about the surgeons medical qualifications, experience and credentials. Just because a cosmetic surgery clinic looks professional and well run and the surgeon is charming and good looking does not mean that you are out of danger from medical complications.

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There is 1 comment on this article.

December 10, 2011 @ 11:44
Simon said:
They are right, no one should try to persuade you, it is a decision you need to think about and be sure you really want it.
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