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American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Warning On Fat Grafting

Written by Jane Tucker| Monday, 11 March 2013| There are 0 comments

Some women take excess fat from around their buttocks areas

A word of warning from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is that women who are considering having breast augmentation surgery using the relatively new procedure of fat grafting should be very cautious and also should be aware that while there are definite temporary benefits with the surgery, there could be some long-term issues which need to be more thoroughly researched./p>

american society for aesthetic plastic surgery warning on fat grafting
The great advantage of using fat grafting is that all you are doing is reshaping your body and taking fat from one part of it and putting it in another part. This means that there is no need for foreign bodies like implants and that at the end of the operation you are still 100% you! Some women take excess fat from around their buttocks areas and use it to enlarge the size of their breast with good results.

However the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery warned that in quite a few cases there had been issues with cyst formation and calcification as well as uneven breast shapes forming. The cysts while not dangerous in themselves can make self-examination of breasts difficult and lead to false breast cancer scares. They can also interfere with mammography ultrasound and MRI scans and lead to false negative breast cancer results.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said that they were aware that the process for breast cancer screening was much improved over the last decade but there were still risks that calcification and cysts could complicate matters.

If you are thinking of having a fat grafting operation it is extremely important that your cosmetic surgeon explains all these issues to you in detail. Any surgeon who tries to portray a very rosy picture of complication-free fat grafting surgery should be avoided.

You should also be aware that using fat grafting for a breast augmentation operation can take much longer than having regular breast implants inserted.

Make sure you know all the facts before agreeing to any surgery!

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