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Reductil Works Better With Advice And Counselling

Written by Jane Tucker| Tuesday, 17 February 2009| There are 0 comments

the Ukmedix Forum is used by hundreds of people who swap advice

The importance of counseling and motivation along with weight loss medication prescriptions has been highlighted by a recent study which compared different levels of attention and interaction paid to weight loss patients. The study which was sponsored by Pfizer Global Research and Development involved almost 400 men and women who were all classified as obese having a BMI of 30+.

reductil works better with advice and counselling

The volunteers were divided into five distinct groups and were all given the weight loss medication Reductil. The first group were given intense face to face counselling on a frequent basis about diet and lifestyle. The second group were given lifestyle and diet counselling much less frequently. The third group were given counseling and diet advice frequently but by telephone and the fourth group were also subjected to high frequency diet and counseling advice except that it was by e-mail contact only. The last group were given no direct counseling or contact with diet professionals. All of the participants were also given a "lifestyle manual" and the address of a weight loss website.

The results of this six month study show that frequent counselling is the way forward and that the groups that lost the most amount of weight were those who spoke to a dietitian regularly. Whether the counselling was face to face or over the telephone made very little difference. The worst results were those achieved with people who got no counseling at all along with their weight loss medication Reductil. The email and low frequency face to face contact was seen to be better than no counseling at all as not as good as the high frequency face to face and telephone counseling.

At Ukmedix News we have always highlighted the importance of getting professional help along with weight loss medications. We have seen that the Ukmedix Forum is used by hundreds of people who swap advice and motivate each other to continue with their weight loss efforts. Weight loss medications like Reductil and Xenical won't do all the work for you and you'll need to change your lifestyle too but they can help you to achieve this if you take good advice from those who know what they are talking about.

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