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Yiannis Tsamis Banned From Rowing For Propecia Use

Written by Stuart Stevens | Wednesday, 11 June 2008| There are 0 comments

Propecia is the most effective hair loss remedy on the market

The famous Greek rowing champion Yiannis Tsamis has failed a doping trial and tested positive for the finasteride hair loss drug Propecia. Yiannis Tsamis is famous for having won the gold medal with his fellow countryman Yiannos Christou when competing in the double sculls during the European championships of last year. Yiannis Tsamis was quite clear about the fact that he had used the Propecia drug and said that it was not needed for a second sample to be tested in line with World Anti-Doping Agency regulations.

yiannis tsamis banned from rowing for propecia use

This is a serious blow to the Greek national team who are busy preparing for the Beijing Olympics. Already eleven members of the Greek weight lifting team as well as a Greek swimmer have tested positive for various performance enhancing drugs. The hair loss drug Propecia is not actually a performance enhancing drug but scientists say that it may be used to hide the effects of drugs like steroids and for this reason it is categorised as a "masking agent".

The temptation for athletes who are losing their hair to take the Propecia hair loss drug is significant because Propecia is the most effective hair loss remedy on the market by a long way and therefore athletes often take the risk that they may be caught and start to use it. It is also probable that many athletes are unaware that Propecia is a banned drug because they would not think that a hair loss drug would be registered by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The World Anti-Doping Agency is under a certain amount of pressure from different sporting groups to take Propecia off the register of banned medications provided that athletes formerly submit a notification that they wish to use it to treat male pattern baldness. Ukmedix News hopes that the World Anti-Doping Agency sees sense soon so that these unfortunate athletes are allowed to resume their respective sports.

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