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Priligy Rival Is An iPad App

Written by Richard Simmons| Tuesday, 06 July 2010| There are 0 comments

you are not required to use it when you are actually having sex

Following the release of the Priligy prescription medication to control premature ejaculation a whole lot of other operators such as quack doctors around the world and internet spammers are trying to cash in on the action and promote their own remedies. The most ridiculous one is actually an iPad app.

priligy rival is an ipad app

The iPad app called Control Premature Ejaculation HD retails for 2.99 and was designed by a UK hypnotherapist called Darren Marks and he claims that by using it a man will be able to "become a great lover". The application functions by getting you to listen to relaxing music and also includes video animations of calming images which are designed to induce a sort of hypnosis and meditation aura. Well the good news is that you are not required to use it when you are actually having sex, [that would be sort of difficult!] but just before to get yourself calm and rid of anxiety.

There's a lot to be said for relaxation for good sex but the idea that an iPad application is any better than just sitting down taking a few deep breaths and listening to some calming music is pretty stupid. Premature ejaculation like erectile dysfunction can be caused by high levels of stress and performance anxiety and there are loads of different techniques to calm yourself down. A hot bath and a massage might do the trick but you should experiment with different things until you find something that works for you.

There have been reports by some men that by using one of the three erectile dysfunction medications Viagra, Cialis or Levitra they are able to last longer in bed, and some sexual health experts say that the added confidence that these drugs give men enable them to relax better and therefore instead of rushing to a premature ejaculation, they take time to enjoy themselves. Priligy is however the only prescription medication available for the treatment of premature ejaculation in the UK.

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