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Levitra On Demand Is Better Than Levitra As A Prophylactic Treatment

Written by Jamie Stowe| Monday, 28 July 2008| There are 0 comments

the idea was to examine the best way for men to use the Levitra drug

A new study done by the manufacturers of the erectile dysfunction drug Levitra namely Bayer Schering Pharma adds to the weight of evidence which shows that their impotence medication is "highly efficacious" for men suffering from erectile problems. The study also noted that it was especially effective after surgery for prostate cancer known as nerve-sparing prostatectomy.

levitra on demand is better than levitra as a prophylactic treatment

The study was designed to examine whether the Levitra drug would be effective when taken at a particular time every night as a prophylactic treatment as opposed to the effectiveness of the Levitra drug when it is taken on demand. In line with correct practices for drug trials the study was conducted in many different locations with a placebo controlled, double blind randomised format. Almost 450 men took part in the clinical trials for over a year making it the largest study of its kind.

The thinking behind the study was explained by Professor Francesco Montorsi at the University Vita Salute San Raffaele who said the idea was to examine the best way for men to use the Levitra drug after they had undergone radical prostate surgery.

The results which were collected over a nine month period saw that men who used Levitra on demand had a 46 percent success rate for satisfactory sexual intercourse compared to a 34.5 percent success rate for those men who took Levitra every night at the same time. Twenty five percent of men who took a placebo tablet also reported normal erectile function when based on the International Index of Erectile Function standard.

The researchers therefore maintained that the idea of treating erectile dysfunction in men following prostate cancer surgery by taking a daily dose of Levitra was not as effective as taking the Levitra on demand. The researchers said nevertheless that this study adds to the weight of evidence that confirms the specific effectiveness of Levitra as a treatment to cure erectile dysfunction in men following prostate surgery.

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