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Levitra Link To TGA

Written by Stuart Stevens | Wednesday, 11 June 2008| There are 0 comments

there is no definite proven link between cases of TGA and Levitra

Bayer, who manufacture Levitra the erectile dysfunction medication has been ordered by the Food & Drug Administration to make a small change to its labeling after a number of men suffered from an extremely rare side effect called Transient Global Amnesia.

levitra link to tga

Transient Global Amnesia which is characterised by a very sudden and temporary loss of memory which is not linked to other conditions like epilepsy, head injury or other neurological illnesses. When people suffer from Transient Global Amnesia they completely forget recent events and find themselves in a situation where they don't remember where they are and how they arrived there. Some patients even forget the events of as much as a year previously; however they do remember their names as well as members of their family and friends.

The FDA was keen to point out that there is no definite proven link between cases of TGA and Levitra but in line with good practice they felt they had to make a labeling change. The FDA also noted that these cases of men suffering from TGA could have been initiated purely by the act of having sex as opposed to the action of the Levitra.

Since Levitra has been launched the Food & Drug Administration have requested Bayer to make two other labeling change; one to notify a possible link to non-arteritic ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION) which can cause vision problems and another because some men reported sudden hearing loss of the using Levitra. This was also the case for the other erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra and Cialis.

In these cases it should be noted that the erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are often used by older men who are in a higher risk category for vision problems and hearing loss anyway due to old age.

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