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Levitra Improves Sex Life For Women Too

Written by Stuart Stevens | Friday, 21 April 2006| There are 4 comments

A recent UK research project for the erectile dysfunction medication known as Levitra has produced results that show that the Levitra is not only enhancing the sexual function and pleasure of men but also that it can play a part in the enhancement of sexual function of women. The research confirms a trend in thinking that it is women who benefit from erectile dyfunction medication as much as men if not more.

The research project in the South West of England involved 260 participants who admitted to some form of erectile dysfunction. The men were either given Levitra or a dud placebo pill. The study that took place over 3 months involved detailed questionnaires about sexual function and satisfaction from both the men and women at monthly intervals.

The first finding that was reported was an 81% betterment in erections for those taking the Levitra medication compared to only 30% with the dud placebo pill. Erectile dysfunction medication is known to produce high figures of supposed improvemnet with placebo pills, thus explaining why so many worthless traditional remedies continue to be used.

The participants were asked in their questionnaires whether Levitra had an effect on sexual function in both the men and women in the following areas. They were orgasm satisfaction, sexual confidence, sexual pleasure, ease of erection, satisfaction of erection and satisfaction of the medication.

Sixty percent of men taking the Levitra reported improved orgasm satisfaction compared to 32% of those taking the placebo. Females reported 56% and 32% improvement of orgasm satisfaction respectively for Levitra and placebo.

Levitra also improved the sexual confidence of both men and women over the study period with figures of 62% for men and 59% for women. The placebo increased confidence by 34% in men and 30% in women. Sexual pleasure received a boost with 67% of men and 64% of women reporting positively on that compared to 44% and 38% with the placebo.

The perception by which ease of erection was improved was 64% for men and 60% for women for Levitra users and 41% and 37% for placebo users. The satisfaction with erection figures were 60% and 58% for Levitra and 28% and 27% for placebo users. Overall satisfaction with Levitra was 62% and 58% for those actually using it and those who thought that they were using it reported 31% and 30% respectively.

The difference in improvement of sexual funtion for men and women was minimal suggesting that Levitra is as much a sexual function drug for women as it is for men.

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There are 4 comments on this article.

On October 26, 2009 @ 21:46
CP said:
My gynocologist put me on Levitra and it's fantastic!
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On February 14, 2010 @ 16:10
cphinc said:
I have been on blood pressure medicine for a couple years. I met a Woman in St Thomas and it became necessary to perform again. She went ot the local pharmacy and got a couple pills. We went on a trip to Seattle for a wedding and she gave me one, but before that we had talked as maybe she would get some "effect" also. Previously in Europe my wife had a Historectomy and the Euro OBYGYNE gave her viagra so the concept was not foreign to me. We both took it and then went on a short excursion, a very short time into the excursion it became obviuos that we needed to return to our romm NOW - she reported a very strong desire, confidence and a swirling sensation in her lower abdomen. Well THe rest is history and she tells me before she takes on now. I understand it is the same anotomical blood vessel in Woman as Man the pudendal artery that feeds the Vagina, Clitoris and Penis.
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On May 17, 2010 @ 18:06
MAA said:
I will not doubt cphinc's story but I'm sure that was a placebo effect (in a sense). Meds like Viagra do not make you horny by them selves. They do allow for the constriction of blood vessels that lead to erections. This also happens in nasal passages and other parts. That is why a concurrent side effect is flushed face and stuffiness and sometimes runny nose (as well as headaches). These meds also do not give you an automatic erection but as soon as there is stimulation it does promote a quick response. All these physical sensations makes one more confident and aware of ones sexual arousal. All this allows the natural sexual reaction to occur and continue.
In women this same feeling, that "something is happening" and that "this pill I just took is meant for sex", can heighten their sexual response as soon as they start to feel these reactions. Women do not have erectile tissue like men but these meds could possibly affect how their vaginal wall secrete lubrication (no studies on this yet).
In both men in women, if you are looking for a pill to make you "horny" then you have other issues that need to be looked into (Stress being #1). If this is just more of sexual exploration and you have sexual desires that meet you and your lovers needs, then just be careful and keep the above in mind. Also, always talk to your doctor before taking these pills(especially if you were given some by a friend or lover to "try out"). Women should not be afraid to talk to their doctor about this. It's very important to check your basic health and history as well as interaction with other drugs and to document it in case something severe happens.
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On October 14, 2010 @ 08:27
MD said:
Actually, women do have, in effect, an erection in the part of the vagina leading to the clitoris. It mimics the shaft of a penis. You can feel it get hard [not anything like as hard as an erect penis] with both your finger and your tongue. then the clitoris swells and gets slightly harder.
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