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If You Watch Porn You Better Beware Of The Muffia

Written by Jane Tucker| Friday, 16 December 2011| There is 1 comment

the Muffia organized a Muff March in London

Have you heard of The Muffia?! This organisation founded by a group of UK feminists has been campaigning recently arguing that the huge consumption of pornography is one of the main reasons why many women are opting for vaginal plastic surgery and why it has been become so unfashionable to have pubic hair!

if you watch porn you better beware of the muffia

As well as blaming porn for the sexual objectification of women, the Muffia also claims that cosmetic surgeons are now profiting from what they call body hatred as women compare themselves to the airbrushed and photo shopped images of porn stars.

According to the Muffia the number of women going to cosmetic surgeons to get what is now known as a -designer vagina- has increased 500 percent over the last decade. In order to promote the campaign the Muffia organized a Muff March in London which they hoped would highlight the problem of low self esteem caused by a lack of confidence in their vaginas!

This lack of confidence can cause women to shun sex completely or to suffer from female sexual dysfunction. If women are very insecure about their vaginas they are much more likely to have problems relaxing during sex which means that they are unlikely to orgasm and enjoy themselves.

At Ukmedix News we have previously advised men to stay away from pornography because of its link to psychological sexual problems leading to impotence. We would also advise women not to look at pornography because it will only make them feel insecure. We would also advise them to avoid glossy magazines which have unrealistic images of sexy women and which give the impression that unless they are having at least five orgasms daily there is something wrong with them!

Women should not underestimate the detrimental psychological impact that pornography can have on them and their well being.

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There is 1 comment on this article.

On December 20, 2011 @ 10:41
Olga said:
Is a landing strip allowed or is that feminist heresy too?
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