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Viagra Laced Impotence Product Could Be Lethal

Written by Richard Simmons| Thursday, 31 July 2008| There are 0 comments

it also has another potentially fatal compound called glibenclamide

The latest warning to arrive at the Ukmedix newsroom concerning the use of dangerous and illegal erectile dysfunction medications concern a product made in China called Chong Cao Ju Wang. This product is similar to other products that have been identified as dangerous in that as well as containing some of the active ingredient of the impotence drug Viagra; it also has another potentially fatal compound called glibenclamide.

viagra laced impotence product could be lethal

Glibenclamide has been used as a diabetes drug but it can cause dangerous side effects in some patients. It can lower blood sugar to dangerous levels and has in fact even caused the deaths of some men this year. In the case of Chong Cao Ju Wang a man of 69 years was found completely unconscious and rushed to hospital where he is thought to be making a recovery. His lucky that he was found before his blood sugar levels reduced to the point of killing him.

This is a typical case of the dangers of using unlicensed and untested erectile dysfunction medication. It seems that the criminals who produce these products have absolutely no conscience or scruples about the fact that they are selling something potentially lethal and that they have in fact already killed a number of men in China and Hong Kong this year.

Many men who are not permitted to use the normal erectile dysfunction medicines Viagra, Cialis and Levitra due to blood pressure or heart problems turn to alternative medications which are often advertised as being "traditional", "herbal" or "natural", unaware that by doing this they are putting themselves in double jeopardy.

Not only are they using drugs that they have been told not to use anyway but they are also at risk of the dangerous side effects of other chemicals that the criminal manufacturers of these so called medications use.

Ukmedix News cannot make it more clear that anyone who uses erectile dysfunction medication must first get a prescription from a doctor and you should only stick to the tried and tested medications Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

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