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Using Viagra Considered Cool To Some Men

Written by Richard Simmons| Tuesday, 20 January 2009| There are 0 comments

Attitudes have changed greatly over the last decade since the arrival of Viagra

Is it hip and cool to admit that you have used the medication Viagra? Ten years ago the mention that you had ever made use of anything to cure impotence would have been extremely embarrassing and something that you would want to be extremely quiet about. However times are changing and older men feel quite free and happy to talk about different erectile dysfunction medications and compare notes on the relative benefits of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

using viagra considered cool to some men

In fact the use of erectile dysfunction medication among older men can even gibe the impression of being up to date with lifestyle trends and fashions. In the same way that a middle aged man might buy himself a convertible sports car to relive his youth he can do the same with an erectile dysfunction medication.

Many younger men also admit to having tried Viagra, Cialis or Levitra as a sexual experiment and the fact that they have used it can imply that they are sexually experienced and knowledgeable about sex. At Ukmedix News we have spoken to young men who are not suffering from erectile dysfunction who use impotence medications as a big sexual boost in the bedroom.

Attitudes have changed greatly over the last decade since the arrival of Viagra. Whereas frankly discussing any sort of erectile dysfunction would have been completely taboo previously it is now almost a topic for polite conversation.

There is a concern however that men must not consider erectile dysfunction medications as simple lifestyle pills to be popped like vitamins, but they must understand that they are serious medications. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra fall into a category of drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors which are known to react negatively with the other medications for blood pressure. It is important that all men understand that they must get prescriptions from doctors before using erectile dysfunction medication.

It is also worth noting that there have been reports of young men becoming psychologically attached to erectile dysfunction medication so that when they try to have sex without it they feel inadequate which can in itself diminish erectile function.

A word of advice from Ukmedix News is that you should not use erectile dysfunction medication unless you really need it. Also if you do need it, you should forget being embarrassed or humiliated and just get a prescription for your problem. Remember that it is a simple blood flow problem in the majority of cases and can often easily be solved with a prescription for Viagra, Cialis Levitra.

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