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Trusting Elderly Men Often Victims Of Cyber Fraud

Written by Richard Simmons| Tuesday, 11 August 2009| There are 0 comments

older people have a much more implicit trust

The majority of young people who receive Viagra spam e-mails discard them because they are savvy enough to know that these unsolicited emails involve fraudulent organisations trying to get your credit card details. Research shows that the majority of people who do get caught out by these spammers are elderly men.

trusting elderly men often victims of cyber fraud

With everybody having email and internet connections these days more and more elderly people with lots of time on their hands surf the net with a much more trusting attitude than younger people. According to McAfee who produce antivirus software, older people have a much more "implicit trust" and therefore they are much more likely to be victims of cyber fraud.

It is important that older people know that even well written and carefully scripted e-mail letters which sound genuine and polite should never be responded to if they are attempting to sell something like medicine or asking for your money in any way. Even if a pharmaceutical web site sounds like it is a UK based organisation you should never hand over your credit card details unless you can verify that in fact your medication comes from a UK pharmacy.

There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to get the full name and address of the pharmacy that issues your medication and that is why Ukmedix set up the unique Pharmacheck system which allows you to get all the information you need for complete peace of mind. 

Any web site that cannot hand over the address of the dispensing pharmacy is almost certainly dealing in illegal counterfeit medication that is probably manufactured by criminals in India or China. The anonymity of the web which is such an advantage when it comes to having discreet online consultations for certain medications is also a disadvantage because it allows criminals to give the appearance of being respectable and legal.

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