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Retired And Divorced Getting More Sex

Written by Richard Simmons| Monday, 22 February 2010| There are 0 comments

retired individuals are getting more sex than many younger people

A survey done for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine shows that stressful workplaces and family lives have a significant detrimental impact on the amount of sex that couples get in the United Kingdom. They noted that divorced people have sex more than twice as many times as married people and that retired individuals are also getting more sex than many younger individuals with full-time jobs.

retired and divorced getting more sex

The survey which involved 1,800 people also noted that more than one man in five over the age of 55 has made use of the erectile dysfunction medication Viagra. Men of the age 60+ these days tend to be in better health, more mobile and have more of a disposable income than previous generations. They are therefore significantly more likely to be sexually active and the survey noted that 29 percent of this group had sex more than eleven times monthly. The fact that they have time on their hands was seen to be significant because only 24 percent of people in full-time work managed the same level of sexual activity and only twenty percent of those in part time work. Eleven percent of retired people even claimed to have sex more than 21 times monthly whereas only six percent of those individuals in full-time work managed the same.

Ukmedix News has seen other research which points to the huge increase of sexual activity in the older generation. For example the travel company SAGA claims that on cruise ships that they operate the most prescribed medication is Viagra! Other evidence pointing to the increase of sexual activity among elderly people is that the number of both men and women reporting infections of sexually transmitted diseases has risen drastically in the 60+age group since the arrival of the erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

The survey also pointed to the fact that stress was a major factor in lack of sex and that both men and women should get exercise to reduce stress levels if they wanted to have better sex. Men and women should also realize that having good sex and taking time over it in itself can reduce stress levels, provide a good source of exercise and work as a virtuous circle to improve things in the bedroom.

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