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Psoriasis Link To Impotence

Written by Jamie Stowe| Wednesday, 18 January 2012| There is 1 comment

be useful for doctors who deal with men suffering from psoriasis

Suffering from psoriasis significantly increases the chances of you also suffering from erectile dysfunction according to a new study. Professor Shiu-Dong Chung from the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital based in Taiwan who led the study evaluated over 4,600 men who had a psoriasis diagnosis and used a control group of a further 13,800 men to come to his conclusions.

psoriasis link to impotence

Professor Shiu-Dong Chung along with his colleagues showed that a diagnosis of psoriasis appeared in 1.7 percent of the men suffering from erectile dysfunction, but only appeared in 0.4 percent in the men who did not suffer from impotence. The researchers who adjusted their results to take into account other factors such as hypertension, heart disease, weight problems, alcoholism and drug use as well as socio economic influences said that there was no doubt that men with erectile dysfunction were much more likely to have had psoriasis.

The study which was published by The Journal of Sexual Medicine could prove to be useful for doctors who deal with men suffering from psoriasis and could be used to warn men about the potential development of erectile problems in the future.

Men who suffer from psoriasis should potentially take more care with their health especially with influences which could increase the chances of them suffering from erectile dysfunction. Staying away from cigarettes, excessive alcohol, junk food and other things which are known to bring on erectile dysfunction would be prudent for male psoriasis sufferers.

It is not quite clear exactly why psoriasis sufferers are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and it would appear that further research is needed in this area. Psoriasis is a rare autoimmune disease which causes skin irritation and flaking and is difficult to treat.

Ukmedix News would advise all male psoriasis sufferers to be vigilant for signs of erectile dysfunction and other sexual health problems and to get medical help if necessary.

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There is 1 comment on this article.

On January 22, 2012 @ 18:53
David said:
Must warn my brother, thanks!
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