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Slim Sex Is Better Sex

Written by Stuart Stevens | Friday, 08 December 2006| There are 2 comments

The biggest cause of erectile dysfunction in the world is without a doubt the lack of sufficient blood supply in the penile artery. Many different things cause bad blood flow in this artery such as smoking and having a weak heart but one of the biggest causes is obesity. If you are overweight or obese the chances are that you are unfit and that you have been eating an unhealthy diet that is full of fat this could be causing your arteries to get blocked up with fatty deposits.

People who are of normal mass and who are fit are far less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who are overweight or obese and that don't take any form of exercise. Doctors have found that if you warn a man that being overweight is bad for his heart he might listen and lose weight but if they are told by the doctor that being overweight is bad for his sexual function and could cause erectile dysfunction he is far more likely to listen and take note and do something about it.

Losing weight is a very positive action to do for yourself as it doesn't just improve your overall health and your physical sexual function but it also can give you more confidence in the bedroom which from a man's mental point of view is also very important for good performance. Thinner and fit men have more luck with the ladies not only because they look better but also because being thin gives them that extra confidence that women like seeing in men.

One survey we came across recently at Ukmedix noted that nearly all women who lost weight said that the quality and the amount of sex that they had greatly increased when they lost significant amounts of weight. The survey also looked at men and noted that men that lost weight often rid themselves of erectile dysfunction by just losing weight and without the need for any erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

All the factors seem to be pointing at the fact that you should make certain that you lose weight and get fit if you want to remain in tip top shape in the bedroom. Obesity is not just bad for your physical erectile function but plays with your mind too and undermines your sexual ability and your sexual confidence.

Our advice is that if you think your sexual prowess is diminishing and you are getting heavy on the scales, go down to the gym and watch what you eat.

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There are 2 comments on this article.

On January 26, 2011 @ 14:21
jeevan said:
super site
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On April 25, 2011 @ 17:42
pwipwi said:
Thanks for the info. Will keep alert!!
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