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Saint Fotino, Patron Saint Of Sexual Function

Written by Stuart Stevens | Friday, 27 April 2007| There are 2 comments

Viva San Fotino!

If you are having problems with erectile function before you go running off to get a prescription from a doctor for Viagra, Cialis or Levitra you might stop to think of another remedy which is almost unknown in the United Kingdom but in France and in Italy is far from unheard of. Maybe you should offer up a few prayers to Saint Fotino who is the patron saint of sexual problems.

saint fotino, patron saint of sexual function

Not much is known about Saint Fotino except that he was the Bishop of Leon, that he was martyred in the year 177 and that many sexual miracles have been attributed to him. Another saint whose intercession has been known to cure men of erectile dysfunction is Saint Satiro, who was the brother of Saint Ambrogio.

In days gone by when erectile dysfunction was something that no doctor had any clue about and when the mysteries of sex were such that a much more spiritual dimension was attached to it, the only cure for impotency would have been a prayer or quite a few. The Catholic Church is not alone in having spiritual erectile dysfunction remedies and if you travel back in time you will come across for example Aphrodite whose intercession was once believed to help good sexual relations. The Hindus also have a goddess of love and most worldwide religions will promote some sort of spiritual erectile dysfunction cure for those who believe.

In Italy there is much superstition surrounding erectile dysfunction and fertility that is not strictly doctrine in the Catholic Church but nevertheless widely practiced by Catholics. In one small village in Italy for example it is customary for brides to be to touch a particular door knocker on a church that resembles testicles so that they may have a good and fufilling sex life and have many children.

Anyway next time you are worried about your sexual performance and concerned that you may suffer from erectile dysfunction stop and offer a little prayer to Saint Fotino, who knows maybe he might help you... Viva San Fotino!

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There are 2 comments on this article.

On April 30, 2009 @ 13:13
BarackNoBama said:
Patron saint of ED, how cool =)
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On April 30, 2009 @ 19:40
Teddy said:
Viva San Fotino!!!!! This is a bonus to all!
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