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Parkinson's And Erectile Dysfunction Link Discovered

Written by Stuart Stevens | Thursday, 20 September 2007| There are 0 comments

the scientists came across this unexpected connection completely by chance.

Fascinating new research into erectile dysfunction shows that men who suffer from this condition are four times more probable to end up developing the dehabilitating disease known as Parkinson's. This finding came as a complete surprise and could lead to a greater knowledge of what causes erectile dysfunction and what causes Parkinson's disease. As with many great discoveries in medical science the scientists came across this unexpected connection completely by chance.


The research was done in America at the Harvard Institute of Public Health with over 30,000 men being looked at and questioned for the study. The scientists said the men under the age of 50 who had erectile dysfunction were much more likely in later life to suffer from Parkinson's. This could even mean that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction such as obesity or smoking were causing Parkinson's in men or that it could be that an early warning sign of Parkinson's disease is erectile dysfunction.

The researchers said the link needed to be studied further and urgently as there was obviously a very exciting conclusion to be drawn from this connection. Another thing that the researchers noted was that men who suffered from Parkinson's tended to have low levels of testosterone as well. This link must also be studied as low testosterone can also be the cause in some cases of erectile dysfunction.

Parkinson's is a terrible disease that slowly causes people to become incapacitated and senile. It tends to affect older people but in rare cases younger people in their thirties have been known to get this terrible disease. At present there are estimated to be about a hundred and twenty thousand people in the United Kingdom who are suffering from Parkinson's.

Ukmedix News will be looking out for more information on this exciting new development in medical research.

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