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Written by Richard Simmons| Tuesday, 01 July 2008| There are 0 comments

they wished they had been to a doctor earlier

Ukmedix News speaks to a lot of men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction or who have previously suffered from it and who have now been cured. We really know what men go through and how they feel when they are faced with the dreaded droop. It can affect confidence greatly and almost make them turn into different people. While previously outgoing and confident some men suffering from erectile dysfunction are unable to form even social relationships with both men and women.

get help now

The simple fact of life however which you should always remember is that 95 percent of cases of erectile dysfunction today are completely treatable. Not only are the drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra available but doctors now know so much about the condition that they may even be able to treat you and get you functioning again properly without even using medication.

Men must know however that they must be open and direct with their doctors if they want to get cured. This obviously can be extremely embarrassing and therefore some men hide their problem for years before getting the courage to go and get medical help. This is detrimental to your erectile function as leaving the problem for a long time may not only be just compounding the physical medical problems but could also be adding to a sort of psychological impotence that could affect your sexual performance in the future.

Having confidence in your erectile function is extremely important for good sexual relations. Men who are stressed and nervous and suffering from "performance anxiety" often are unable to sustain sufficient erections for sexual intercourse.

Men who eventually get help for erectile dysfunction all say the same thing that they wished they had been to a doctor earlier, as not only would they have been able to have sex but also they would not have had that terrible feeling of anxiety and stress that comes with it.

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