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Four Men Have Close Escape From Death After Using Fake Impotence Meds

Written by Richard Simmons| Tuesday, 14 February 2012| There is 1 comment

the men in this case are lucky to be alive

Reports from Singapore show that four men are lucky to be alive after they consumed some erectile dysfunction medication which caused two of them to pass out and the other two to be incoherent and struggle to walk.

four men have close escape from death after using fake impotence meds

The reports which come from the Singapore Health Sciences Authority said that the men who were aged between 30 and 78 developed very low blood sugar levels which were probably caused by the fact that there was a powerful diabetic medicine Glibenclamide in their blood stream.

This is not the first time that we have come across the use of Glibenclamide in illegal erectile dysfunction medication and it seems that the criminal manufacturers of these products are completely unaware of the dangers that it can cause. At the time of the reports one of the men was still not able to communicate and there are concerns that the medication could have done permanent damage to his health.

This story may seem to be extremely shocking to you but at Ukmedix News we see hundreds of these types of stories every year despite the fact that health authorities around the world try and warn men to stay away from any erectile dysfunction medication which does not come with a doctorís prescription. Buying fake erectile dysfunction medication can kill and the men in this case are lucky to be alive.

The only safe erectile dysfunction medications are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and they should only be purchased following a consultation with a doctor, online or otherwise and should only be consumed if a prescription has been issued.

At Ukmedix it is possible to check that your medications are 100 percent safe and legal by using the Pharmacheck system which can give you the address of the UK pharmacy from which your medication is being dispensed.

Cheap prices and no prescriptions required web sites always sell fake impotence medication. Do not say you were not warned!

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There is 1 comment on this article.

On February 20, 2012 @ 11:28
Robert said:
How many times has Ukmedix warned about this? Cheap can be dangerous. Always check the product.
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