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Brazilian Erection Spider Research Released...Again

Written by Jamie Stowe| Wednesday, 09 March 2011| There are 3 comments

causes rock hard erections in men similar to the effect that Viagra has

News agencies all around the world last week picked up the story of the Brazilian wandering spider who bite has an incredibly unusual side effect! In fact the story is pretty old and we published it at Ukmedix News in October 2009 but for some reason it seems to be circulating again despite the fact that no further research has being done since Dr. Kenia Nunes released her original research a year and a half ago. Dr Nunes, a physiologist at the Medical College of Georgia published her studies in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

brazilian erection spider research released...again

The spider which is sometimes referred to as the banana spider or scientifically as Phoneutria nigriventer is extremely dangerous and has been known to kill but it also causes rock hard erections in men similar to the effect that Viagra has. The venom from this spider often results in men having unwanted erections for hours and hours despite the fact that they are in great pain and are having difficulty with breathing. This Brazilian erection spider as some people call it is about 5inches across and pretty rare and has been known to cause death in only very rare cases. People who get the antidote almost always recover fully. About ten deaths have been documented among 7,000 spider bites.

The research done by Dr Nunes shows that the compound called PnTx2-6 that is found in the spider venom works in a different way to the erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra, Cialis and Levitra but nevertheless produces the same result. Because it works in a different way it could be useful as a treatment for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction but who do not respond to the existing trio of impotence medications.

Doctor Nunes said that research done with rats suffering from severe impotence showed that the spider venom was very effective especially in those rats who suffered from erectile dysfunction as a result of hypertension. Doctor Nunes did not rule out the possibility that this spider venom could be used to also to treat female sexual dysfunction, but from our experience at Ukmedix News we reckon that this is pretty unlikely.

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There are 3 comments on this article.

On March 09, 2011 @ 15:41
Journalist said:
Do you not have a news editor? This article should have been checked. 'spider who bite should be whose bite' and 'to also to treat, should be to also treat,'
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On May 04, 2011 @ 12:50
juan said:
hahaha...yeah! the spider bite gives a massive erection before giving a heart attack.
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On June 11, 2013 @ 18:40
deargod said:
so does a broken back but who wants that?

screw stupid information.
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