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Beckham's Image Is Advertising Impotence Meds In China

Written by Rupert Kircz| Tuesday, 24 February 2009| There are 2 comments

It is not known what the USA Selikon capsules actually contain

The footballer David Beckham is said to be furious after television adverts in China were aired which had him appearing and endorsing a Chinese impotence medication. In the advertisement a voice over claims that the medication called USA Selikon capsules are David's 'secret weapon' which he uses to 'satisfy Victoria'. The voice over also claims that these tablets also keep him strong and help him on the football field.


It is not known what the USA Selikon capsules actually contain and whether they have approval from the relevant drug authorities in China but like many impotence medications coming from China it could be that they contain the key ingredient of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. Pfizer, who make Viagra have had legal battles stretching the over a decade regarding the patent of Viagra in China. While they have won the fight in the courts they are still losing market share to illegal factories producing fake versions of Viagra which have sprouted up all over the Chinese mainland.

David Beckham isn't the only famous celebrity to have been targeted in these advertisements as apparently Keanu Reeves and Sean Connery have also been seen on Chinese TV advertising erectile dysfunction medication. The legal system in China is a minefield of bureaucracy and therefore most of the companies get away with using the images of movie stars and celebrities to endorse their products.

As with any medication if you use something which is endorsed by a celebrity to treat erectile dysfunction you are likely to get yourself into trouble. Celebrities do not understand medication, only doctors do, and therefore you should only get help for erectile dysfunction only from a doctor. Doctors can prescribe the erectile dysfunction medications Viagra, Cialis and Levitra if they feel they could help you.

In some cases your erectile dysfunction could be caused by something other than a blood flow restriction to the penile artery and therefore these drugs would not work for you. Understanding what your erectile dysfunction is being caused by is essential before you get treatment.

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There are 2 comments on this article.

On February 24, 2009 @ 11:47
Shocking said:
What a shocking revelation! Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
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On February 24, 2009 @ 19:19
hatem_a2 said:
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