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Wayne Rooney Very Happy With Hair Transplant

Written by Richard Simmons| Wednesday, 08 June 2011| There are 5 comments

some men feel emasculated when they start to lose hair

Wayne Rooney is said to be ecstatic with the results of his hair transplant! Wayne who has made no secret of his operation which he has been reporting on from his Twitter account started to go bald when he was only 25 and it advanced very rapidly.

wayne rooney very happy with hair transplant

Wayne despite his great success on the football pitch and having a beautiful lady Coleen was actually incredibly sensitive about his hair loss and did not like to be teased about it. You would think with all of his millions he would not have a complex about missing a few hairs on top of his head but such is the nature of male pattern baldness that some men feel emasculated when they start to lose it.

According to Mrs Coleen Rooney the decision was purely his and that she did not ask him to do it. Using her own Twitter account she said she was pleased for him and was sure that it would look great. The Manchester United legend would apparently get pretty angry when his teammates teased him about his hair loss and when Cristiano Ronaldo gave him the nickname Bobby Charlton he was said to be furious.

Wayne underwent an extremely new and specialized technique for his hair transplant called follicular unit extraction and it was done for him at an expensive Harley Street clinic in London. His procedure involved individual hair follicles being removed from the side of his scalp where the hair is thick and being placed into small incisions on top of his head. This is at the cutting edge of hair transplant surgery and it produces extremely good results.

Wayne has even released a photograph of his scalp and quipped about whether anyone knew of a good hair gel. Wayne who had reportedly previously used the hair loss drug Propecia has a very aggressive type of male pattern baldness which would have left him completely bald in a few years. It may be that the Propecia had slowed down the process of his balding but had been unable to completely stop it.

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There are 5 comments on this article.

On June 08, 2011 @ 12:28
C said:
Good for him... At least he is honest about his surgery and that should make him proud. Why to be unhappy when you can actualy make things better?
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On June 08, 2011 @ 12:30
Mike said:
Propecia has work great for me, but sometimes it just doesn't work on other people... So why not to try something that can give a permanent result.
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On June 08, 2011 @ 12:31
Paul said:
I would get hair implant if a had the money!!! Why not?
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On June 08, 2011 @ 15:23
Souzie said:
Maybe prince William will do something about his hair, he is so good looking but too young to go bald!
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On July 05, 2011 @ 17:48
man said:
can u tell me mr.,roney how money bilion you marke the hair plz
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