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Miss Sunderland Takes It All Off

Written by Rupert Kircz| Monday, 10 August 2009| There are 0 comments

At Ukmedix News we know all about the soul destroying effects of hair loss

The nineteen year old beauty queen, Miss Sunderland deserves commendation for taking part in a campaign to raise awareness of the condition alopecia areata. Miss Alexandra Devine has agreed for her image devoid of hair to be displayed on billboards to support the charity BeBold.

miss sunderland takes it all off

The charity helps people who have suffered from alopecia to cope with their condition and gives them a new lease of life. Many of the sufferers are young children who find it very difficult to come to terms with their problem. Alexandra follows a whole lot of other high-profile individuals such as TV Gladiators Warrior and Amazon who also agreed to undergo hours of prosthetic makeup to make themselves appear completely hairless.

At Ukmedix News we know all about the soul destroying effects of hair loss from the thousands of men who suffer from male pattern baldness. Even though this type of genetic hair loss is not as severe and sudden as alopecia areata it still causes a huge amount of distress and psychological damage.

Doctors who treat men for male pattern baldness say the even though the condition is a natural genetic process because of the fact that it causes psychological distress in some men it is therefore considered to be a health condition instead of purely a cosmetic one.

Thankfully for men suffering from male pattern baldness there is a remedy in the form of the hair loss for Propecia made by the pharmaceutical company Merck. This drug does not work for people suffering from alopecia areata or in fact for any other type of hair loss but produces noticeable hair regrowth in many men with MPB. Not everybody experiences hair regrowth with Propecia but the majority of men say that their hair loss stops or slows down significantly.

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