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Lumigan Hope For The Future

Written by Richard Simmons| Monday, 29 October 2012| There are 0 comments

a cellular signalling pathway activated by this compound

A new hope for men and women who are losing their hair comes from the side effect of a medication used to treat people with glaucoma. The common eyedrops called Lumigan are often given to people who have excess fluid in their eyes which can lead to vision problems but one of its side effects which has been noted by many people using it is that it boosts the growth of eyelashes!

lumigan hope for the future

The active ingredient of the Lumigan, namely bimatoprost can have the same effect on the hair of the scalp and clinical testing appears to show that there is a cellular signalling pathway activated by this compound.

The study which is being led by Professor Valerie Randall at the University of Bradford is investigating this in more detail and she said that the preliminary findings that show that bimatoprost was stimulating human scalp hair follicular growth. In fact hair follicles treated with bimatoprost were found to grow over 30% more when compared to those hair follicles that were not treated with the drug. It was also noted that the scalp hair follicles contained the same molecular receptors which had responded to the bimatoprost as were found in the eyelashes.

The research which has been published by The FASEB Journal could lead to new remedies to treat male pattern baldness and also hair loss in women too.

Professor Randall said that the phase II clinical trials were continuing in Germany and in America and should be published before the end of 2012. In all almost 400 volunteers took part in the study and will be treated with either the bimatoprost or a placebo solution for six months.

Apart from the prescription medication Propecia made by the pharmaceutical company Merck there is not really much on the market to treat male pattern baldness in the UK at the moment. Any new hair loss medication would be welcomed by millions of men and women worldwide.

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