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Louis Walsh Tells Gary Barlow To Copy Him And Have A Hair Transplant

Written by Richard Simmons| Wednesday, 14 December 2011| There are 2 comments

He said that he was giving Gary the number of his transplant surgeon

X Factor Judge Louis Walsh has been very open about admitting that he recently had a hair transplant. Louis who had been teased by Simon Cowell about his hair loss is said to have spent £30,000 on the surgery which involved removing some of his hair follicles from the back of his head and implanting then on the top of his scalp where his hair was thinner.

louis walsh tells gary barlow to copy him and have a hair transplant

Describing his hair transplant surgery as maintenance, Louis said that because his work involved being on television it was important that he looked good and got rid of the bald patch which was appearing on the back of his head. He also said that Simon Cowell had encouraged him to get help for his problem.

Because so many celebrities these days are very open about the fact that they have had hair transplant surgery Louis decided to preempt the media speculation and talk about it as much as possible. Other celebrities who have had hair transplant surgery include Wayne Rooney, Jason Gardiner and the actor James Nesbitt.

In fact Louis even said that he was trying to persuade his fellow X Factor judge Gary Barlow to also have some hair transplant surgery because it is getting pretty obvious that his scalp is thinning too! He said that he was giving Gary the number of his transplant surgeon so that he could have a consultation and possibly go for the operation too!

At Ukmedix News we have seen how people who work in certain industries such as TV, fashion and visual entertainment are much more likely to have hair transplant surgery because it is not just about their appearance but also their career!

If you are a back office accountant having hair is not nearly as important as if you are a singer for example. Having said that not all singers and actors need hair as can be shown by the example of Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis.

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There are 2 comments on this article.

On December 14, 2011 @ 16:53
benjie said:
when two men start giving each other advice on looks/grooming etc - its time to get out of the shower with your back to the wall!
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On December 15, 2011 @ 10:22
Rodney said:
If you can afford it why not go ahead and be happy with a head of hair!?!
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