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Hair Loss Scam Exposed

Written by Richard Simmons| Tuesday, 24 August 2010| There is 1 comment

the first thing to do is to use your common sense

Law enforcement authorities in America have finally caught up with Mr. Steve Bennis who has been accused of operating elaborate hair loss scams which lured unsuspecting men into shelling out thousands of dollars. Mr. Bennis told his clients that he would definitely regrow their hair using sophisticated lasers which supposedly stimulated hair follicles and made them grow back.

hair loss scam exposed

Despite the fact that he had numerous lawsuits against him and a Department of Financial and Professional Regulation warning telling him to immediately cease his "unlicensed practice of medicine", Mr. Bennis continued operating for years.

Using professionally produced testimonials and other slick media presentations Mr. Bennis told prospective customers that they would get all their money back if their hair did not grow back. Some of the stories uncovered by the news channel FOX show that some men's lives were practically ruined as they took out big loans to pay for the treatment which just did not work.

This story is just one of hundreds of hair loss scams which we come across every single year at Ukmedix News. There is a hard and fast rule which you should always apply to all medical treatments which is that unless the product is actually medically proven to work in independent testing submitted to the American Food & Drug Administration or the European Medicines Agency it is a waste of time! This rule is simple common sense yet desperate men who are losing their hair sometimes take big risks and go for the person who promises than the most.

At present the most effective remedy to treat male pattern baldness is the hair loss drug Propecia. Propecia which is made by the pharmaceutical giant Merck is the most tested hair loss medication in the world and has the best success rates of any male pattern baldness remedy. To use anything else just lowers your chances of success!

If you want to grow back your hair the first thing to do is to use your common sense!!

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There is 1 comment on this article.

On August 31, 2010 @ 09:11
Stephen said:
it looks like we need to use onion juice now!
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