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Scarlett Johansson And Katherine Heigl Love Cigs More Than Husbands

Written by Rupert Kircz| Friday, 31 July 2009| There are 7 comments

torn between their addiction and their love

What do Scarlett Johansson and Katherine Heigl have in common, apart from being beautiful Hollywood actresses? The answer is that they are both undergoing pressure to quit smoking from their husbands!

scarlett johansson and katherine heigl love cigs more than husbands

In Scarlett's case her husband Ryan Reynolds is said to be asking her to quit smoking has a present to him for their one year anniversary. She is said to be thinking about it and has apparently looked into getting hypnotherapy. Katherine Heigl made a promise that she would quit smoking before she got married last year but her nicotine addiction proved to be stronger than her love for husband, and she's still smoking as we reported a few days ago at Ukmedix News!

It's crazy to think that some people would jeopardise their relationships with people they genuinely love for cigarettes! Happily married couples have been known to separate because of the stress that cigarette smoking puts on everyday life. Both men and women often feel that the person who is smoking in the relationship doesn't care about them and is being selfish by continuing to smoke when in fact they are torn between their addiction and their love.

From speaking to people who have smoking partners we have learned that the greatest concern is not the immediate problem of the bad smell of the smoke but the fact that by smoking they are setting themselves up for health problems in the future. Husbands and wives of smokers say that they don't want to end up seeing their loved ones in an early grave and that is why they hassle them to quit.

The best way to get people to quit is not to nag them all the time but to encourage them and give them support and love when they need it. Making them feel that they have somebody to help them and that somebody cares enough about them makes them stronger when they feel the desperate urge for a cigarette.

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There are 7 comments on this article.

On July 31, 2009 @ 18:42
Andy said:
Actually Heigl has also quit recently. As previously posted on your site.
Separate Comment
On July 31, 2009 @ 18:53
Celeb Watcher said:
No she hasn't
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On August 01, 2009 @ 09:47
Robert said:
lets be POSITIVE and not NEGATIVE, and encourage her. "Heigl even if you fall, pick youself up and try again, every day that you do not smoke counts in your favour healthwise."
Separate Comment
On August 24, 2009 @ 15:45
london said:
this article scares me. why do any of you care? why do you pretend to know how these people's marriages work? you are idiots!
And i do hope that katherine and scarlett will make sure to put more energy into cooking/cleaning/the shortening of their skirts/babymaking if their husbands ask them to also..
Separate Comment
On August 26, 2009 @ 10:49
Mayfair said:
London you sound like a chauvanistic pig!!! Get a life but don't get a wife, as any girl in your company is going to suffer!
Separate Comment
On September 16, 2009 @ 13:36
paul said:
mayfair .... london was being sarcastic,....do you know what that means?, idiot, . . . how can people be so dumb!!!
Separate Comment
On December 07, 2009 @ 15:08
paul said:
Ryan Reynolds is a smart dude. His healthy lifestyle will ultimately serve as an example to her. She'll eventually quit on her own,
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