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Remind Yourself Why You Quit Smoking

Written by Rupert Kircz| Friday, 26 June 2009| There is 1 comment

smoking will almost certainly be the cause of your death if you continue

It is important to remind yourself why exactly you want to quit smoking especially when you are feeling at your weakest and are tempted to light up again. At Ukmedix News we like to regularly remind our readers why they should quit smoking and if you are thinking about falling off the bandwagon and smoking again you should read on.

remind yourself why you quit smoking

Firstly, smoking will almost certainly be the cause of your death if you continue. Your death will also be statistically far more likely to be painful, slow and undignified. You may die gasping for air, in great agony and definitely regretting the day you ever have a cigarette. OK, maybe you'll die a natural and peaceful death if you are a smoker but then again might win the lottery too?

People who smoke often claim that they enjoy life more than nonsmokers but again this is a load of rubbish because the facts clearly show the opposite. If you smoke your quality of life is always much reduced especially as you get older and start to have more problems with breathing, problems with good sexual function, heart disease, cancer and in fact practically every single disease known to man. Health is the single biggest factor for good quality of life and by squandering this with your smoking habit you are setting yourself up for an unhappy time in the future.

One thing which smokers often use to their advantage in persuading themselves that smoking is not really a problem is stupidity. If you are prepared to ignore the facts and rely on stupidity to convince yourself that smoking won't cause you any problems you'll find it much easier to continue with your habit.

At Ukmedix News we don't mean to be unsympathetic to smokers and we are aware of the powerful addiction that smoking has. Many of us in the Ukmedix Newsroom have had our own personal battles with quitting smoking and so we understand the control that cigarettes can exert over a normal rational person.

Our advice is always to get professional help. There are smoking cessation remedies out there which can make the difference between success and failure and the only time to make use of them is right now!

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There is 1 comment on this article.

On June 27, 2009 @ 12:08
Colm said:
Thanks.I gave up smoking just over a year ago.But sometimes I still have to take a moment to remind myself why.
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