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Quitting Smoking is NOT Easy

Written by Rupert Kircz| Saturday, 19 May 2012| There are 0 comments

millions of people say quitting smoking was the most difficult thing they did

Isn’t it just pathetic when you hear people say the even though they smoke they could quit at any point and that they only smoke because they want to! One of these people is none other than the boss of one of the world’s biggest cigarette companies Philip Morris.

quitting smoking is not easy

Mr. Louis C Camilleri who claims to have quit once already (for exactly how long?!) said that while smoking is addictive it wasn’t actually “that hard to quit”. Well, if that was the case why is it that millions of people every year continue to smoke when every single logical bit of information out there tells them not to.

Why is it that every year billions of pounds are spent on smoking cessation medications such as Champix, nicotine replacement therapy and that desperate smokers resort to hypnotism and psychological consultations and analysis to try and quit smoking for good.

If it really was “not that hard to quit” people wouldn’t continue smoking despite the fact that doctors have told them they are killing themselves from smoking related illnesses.

Excuse our language but at Ukmedix News we get a little bit sick of hearing this huge amount of bull**** that the cigarette industry spews out in order to try and make out that smoking really is not much of a big deal. What could be more dishonest and conniving than trying to give the impression that it is easy to quit smoking when millions of people worldwide will say that quitting smoking was the most difficult thing they ever did, and even the famous rocker Ozzy Osbourne said that quitting smoking was more difficult than getting rid of all his drug addictions and alcohol dependency.

If you want to make sure that you never start smoking you should read some of the stories about people whose lives have been ruined by smoking and who have been unable to quit despite the full knowledge of the harm they are doing not only to themselves but also to their families and loved ones.

Quitting is easy….purrleease!!

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