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Pathetic Or Stupid. What's Your Excuse...

Written by Rupert Kircz| Wednesday, 27 October 2010| There are 0 comments

Hmmm, let's talk quality of life shall we?

The excuses we hear Ukmedix News for not smoking tend to fall into two categories. There are those excuses which are based on false information and there are those excuses which are just pretty pathetic. No one has ever come up with a credible and logical reason why they should continue smoking. For example, one of the most common smoking excuses is that people say it enhances their quality of life and that they enjoy it.

pathetic or stupid. what

Hmmm, let's talk quality of life shall we? Where shall we start, with emphysema, a stroke which paralyzes half of your body or sexual dysfunction? The idea that you could argue the quality of life boost that smoking gives you outweighs the huge risk of complete screwing up your life is just plain stupid.

At Ukmedix News We've had people argue that because they are wealthy they can easily afford cigarettes and that they can pay for any extra health costs they might incur. Yes, smokers sometimes really do say this and we are not even going to waste your time explaining just how stupid they look when they try to justify themselves like this.

In the long term your smoking habit will eventually get you in some way. Whether it kills you or just means that you spend years in poor health and in pain it will eventually trip you up. It's not a question of if, more a question of when.

Intelligent people know that smoking is bad for them but unfortunately many of them pretend to be stupid, refuse to face the facts and live in denial. We sympathize with these people at Ukmedix News because we know how powerful a smoking addiction can be, but we honestly believe that if smokers just made it a point to get all the facts about smoking and learn exactly how bad it is for them they would soon quit.

Read a few of our articles the Ukmedix News about the dangers of smoking every single day and you will probably find that at the end of the week you really won't want to light up.

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