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Jon Bon Jovi Motivated To Quit Smoking By Money

Written by Richard Simmons| Saturday, 29 May 2010| There is 1 comment

Lung cancer really isn't rock and roll!

Jon Bon Jovi has confirmed that the power of money is greater than the power of good health! Jon who has been making a huge song and dance about his recent decision to quit smoking said that the biggest motivation he had was not that he would reduce the chances of suffering from a slow and painful death but that he would be able to save money on his health insurance premiums!

jon bon jovi motivated to quit smoking by money

We've written loads about this at Ukmedix News because time and time again We've seen how the immediate financial incentive of quitting smoking motivates people far more than future statistical evidence of their health. Unfortunately most people quit smoking for health reasons at a point when it's often too late.

Mr. Bon Jovi who didn't start smoking until he was 32 years old, lit up his first cigarette when he was filming Moonlight and Valentino back in 1995. Only recently however he realized that his smoking habit was not just costing him a lot of money in actually buying the cigarettes but was costing him much more in indirect ways like his life insurance.

Jon said that his method of quitting smoking was to "throw them in the garbage" and just go cold turkey on the nicotine which works for many people.  Jon is lucky that he has managed to quit like this because many other people find the abrupt stop to smoking just too painful and require counseling, smoking cessation medications or hypnotherapy.

A word of advice for Mr. Bon Jovi is that if he does start to smoke again and he ends up in a hospital bed with tubes coming out of his nose his high insurance premiums will become the least of his worries and he will kick himself for having been so stupid to light up in the first place.

Lung cancer really isn't rock and roll!

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There is 1 comment on this article.

On May 31, 2010 @ 01:52
John R. Polito said:
The comment about cold turkey being too painful is really rather uninformed. Not only will cold turkey produce more successful ex-smokers this year than all other quitting methods combined, roughly half of surveyed quitters assert is was much easier than anticipated. Today is World No Tobacco Day. Did you know that two recent studies found that unplanned quitting attempts are twice as successful as planned ones? Why not Jon. Jump into the quitting pool! Type quit smoking cold turkey in your favorite search engine and cuddle up to your own natural quitting instincts. Yes you can!!
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